NextGen Innovators at Folkemødet

I am looking very forward to moderating the discussion between four innovators from Kenya, Denmark and Mexico this Friday. The event, How youth innovators are shaping the future of food, will take place at Folkemødet, Denmark’s Democracy Festival.

This discussion will bring together the winners of the new UN World Food Programme and DTU NextGen Innovation Program and students from DTU Skylab FoodLab. It will be a stimulating global dialogue where participants will compare and contrast their diverse experiences and visions for a sustainable global food system and a world without hunger. WFP and DTU are investing in the future of the planet by nurturing a new generation of young innovators giving them the opportunity to become leaders and elements of change. The debate will be opened by Rasmus Prehn, the Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Learn more here.

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