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South London’s Changing Landscape – #2

When you want to find out about teenagers’ lifestyles and daily habits, observe them. And when you want to find out about their food choices, ask them. This was our motto in our latest foodscape research in London, and our findings surprisingly had very little to do with food.

Our project in South London – introduced here (South London’s Changing Foodscape #1) has uncovered three significant trends linked to the location and characteristics of food outlets in relation to young people’s routines and habits. We’ve found that fast food outlets are where young people hang out the most – making them civic amenities and an extension of the public realm, and that transit hubs are social places and hot spots for fast food locations.

Read about our three major findings and what you can do to help in our latest Gehl blog post!

Together with Sophia Schuff (Urban Anthropologist), Iben Falkoner (Director – SF Office) and Jeff Risom (Chief Innovation Officer) from Gehl urban design consultancy, I am putting together a series of blog posts on urban design and foodscapes.

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