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Citizen Engagement Feature in Apolitical

I’m so excited! I have been featured in the second instalment of Apolitical’s weeknote from the citizen engagement community. In this note, Apolitical showcases the best thoughts, ideas, tips and tricks from diligent public servants working in citizen engagement, bundled up and ready to be shared with citizen-minded public servants around the world.

Don’t know Apolitical? It’s a global network for government, helping public servants find the ideas, people and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing our societies.

In the weeknote, I was asked what I am reading right now. See my answer below!

“Embracing Complexity: Strategic Perspectives for an Age of Turbulence by Jean Boulton, Peter Allen and Cliff Bowman. I facilitate a lot of multi-stakeholder dialogues around the transition to healthier and sustainable food systems. I find this book very helpful in embracing a complexity worldview, meaning one that is systemic, emergent as well as path and context-dependent.” — Dr. Afton Halloran, External Consultant to the Nordic Food Policy Lab, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Have a look at all of the other great tips and tricks from other public servants around the world by clicking here.

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