A new season is upon us! I am looking forward to engaging in all sorts of fascinating events over the next four months. Here is a list of where I will be speaking and facilitating:

September 19 – Roskilde, Denmark

Nordic Meeting on Insects as Food and Feed

Speaking on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers about insects for food and feed in a Nordic context.


September 20-21 – Frankfurt, Germany

tech2D Technology Forum for Sustainable Development

My Ignite Talk will look into how we can design desirable futures through human-centered food systems. I will draw on examples from my work in sustainable development around the world.


September 25 – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health Symposium

I will explore how we can achieve sustainable food systems in a changing climate.


September 26 – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Society of Engineers

My lecture will look at sustainability and insects as food from multiple angles.


October 5 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Future Nordic Diets Symposium

I will be facilitating a one-day symposium that discusses the report, Future Nordic Diets – Exploring ways to sustainably feeding the Nordics.


November 9 – Stanford, USA

Stanford University

I will be presenting my research on edible insects at the D School.

…This list will be updated as needed…



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